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Top 5 Crypto-trading indicators

There are a lot of indicators and finding the right one to use is often a real challenge. Many indicators are built by professionals and have a specific purpose and way to be used therefore novice crypto-traders should keep to a limited set of indicators. As a...

ChainLink $LINK – Crypto Review 2020 09 21

Chainlink (LINK), is one of the hot crypto currencies of the recent weeks, it has started to experience a serious decline in for a couple of days. The altcoin went below both 50 and 100 Daily-EMA and is now heading toward 200 Daily EMA.Chainlink: Bullish or Bearish?...

Crypto Market Technical Analysis 09/19

Bitcoin $BTCUSD Bitcoin is currently showing signs of bullish momentum. The daily chart is still above 50 / 100 and 200 EMA. At the moment BTC is facing local resistance, so we should expect a pullback in the coming days.Etherereum $ETHUSD Ethereum is clearly leading...