Bitcoin $BTCUSD

Bitcoin is currently showing signs of bullish momentum. The daily chart is still above 50 / 100 and 200 EMA. At the moment BTC is facing local resistance, so we should expect a pullback in the coming days.

Etherereum $ETHUSD

Ethereum is clearly leading the bull momentum on the cryptocurrency space at the moment. ETH us currently sitting on the 50 EMA but clearly above 100 and 200 EMA. Might expect new highs coming in the coming weeks.

Litecoin $LTCUSD

Litecoin is clearly in a bad situation, price has gone below 50, 100, and 200 EMA, it is now nearing local support. If Bitcoin turns bearish it might lead to a further drop in the price.

ChainLink $LINKUSD

ChainLink ($LINK) is following on the bearish movement, The price is heading toward 200 EMA and might bounce on it at the local resistance around $8.7.